Artist’s Statement

Simply put, I love black and white photographs.

I believe that black and white photography has survived and thrived because it is capable of delivering images that trigger deep and meaningful emotional responses.  It has become its own genre through its unique and limitless expressive capacity.

I am moved – perhaps driven – to create fine art photography using black and white.  I create photographs because I like the results.  I like what I produce.  I like the interplay and interrelationships between dark and light, white and black.  I enjoy the process in its entirety.  Whether previsualized or spontaneous; from realism to abstraction to surrealism; I enjoy the process –  capture, analysis, interpretation, production.  I particularly like and use analog, as it carries with it a hands-on involvement and interaction between artist and image creation that is unique to film.  There is hardly a more magical moment in the photographic process as seeing a print “come up” in the developer tray.

Throughout the history of photography, expression in black and white has survived technological changes that many thought would render its monotone structure obsolete, out-of-date, or passé.  Photography as art did not evolve to a higher form because of the technical advances to color or digital – just a different form.   Past the technical advances, black and white has retained its integrity and remains a valid choice in artistic expression.

This is the context for my passion for photography.  As I create images that I like, I believe and hope that others will like them as well.

All photographs contained herein are Copyright by Robert Hewgley and may not be used an any form without the expressed written permission of Robert Hewgley

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